A downloadable game for Windows

A homage to Crash and Mario racing games.

Kart Racer is a team project completed in 9 weeks of development at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment in Adelaide.


Kart Racer was a collaborative effort made by a team comprising of various disciplines from Adelaide AIE. The core goal was to create a playable cart racing game experience in 9 weeks with our core stretch goal, to implement local multi-player. Over the course of development we managed to achieve a playable cart racing experience that features 2 levels based on the same map (to take advantage of reusable assets), iterated upon core boosting mechanic, ghost carts and even 4 player split-screen multi-player.


A keyboard or controller can be used to play.

Kart Racer Controls


Core Designer - Lochlan Perry-Scott

Level Designer and Team Manager - Max Winzar

Level Designer and Quality Assurance - Jake Haydon 

Environmental Artist - Daniel Hood

2D and Animation Artist - Jacob Capenter

Character Artists - Sophie Cassidy

Generalist - Joseph Cwiek

Programmer - Elliott Marshall

Composer - Nic (SleepyArcade)


Team 2 Kart Racer.zip 246 MB

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